An Idiot’s Guide to POP Cult 2

De-masculation 101

Jesus was the greatest emasculator of men the western world has ever known. Or he would have been, if he had been allowed to succeed. He was shut up and shut down pdq. He continues to be shut down by those men who pretend to follow him. No POP (Person of Power) has ever followed Jesus.

The message that Jesus repeatedly gave to the men of his culture was to cultivate and embrace those qualities his culture called “feminine”. “Turn the other cheek,” the bible reports him as saying. To do so, a man would have to cultivate pacifism, forgiveness, submission, acceptance, humility – all attributes that POP has assigned to women, all attributes that would undermine POP culture. “Love your neighbour as you love yourself”, he is further reported to have said. That’s the ultimate equality. It requires that men cultivate generosity, non-competitiveness, cooperation – all qualities that have been assigned to women, and all qualities that would undermine POP culture. “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth”: when I first heard that I thought he was saying that women would ultimately emerge on top. The only meek people I knew were women.

When Christianity was made the state religion and became a political tool rather than a spiritual path, the church fathers were quick to do to Jesus what masculine training taught them to do: make him a hero, put him on a pedestal, let him be the sacrifice that lets other men off the hook. And so they made him the son of God, one with God (the ultimate POP). They made him a symbol of emasculation so that they wouldn’t have to emasculate themselves, and restored his masculinity in merging him with God the POP. Then they merrily continued the POP cultures of the Romans and the Jews.

It’s no wonder that “POP Christians” are big on Jehovah and give short shrift to Jesus, preferring an eye for an eye rather than turning the other cheek. Those men who really want to change and to be part of the change that the world needs if humanity is to survive need to emasculate themselves in the ways that Jesus suggested. They need to deconstruct their masculinity in a process similar to the “consciousness raising” that early feminists underwent in the 1960’s and 70’s, when groups of women would get together to learn from each other how they were perpetuating their own domination by POP, how they were participating in their own oppression, how they had swallowed the messages of POP and become the enforcers of their own inferiority.

“Emasculate” is, of course, the wrong word. “De-masculate” with its connotation of taking apart or undoing is better. Women do not need men to join the feminist movement; one suspects such men of wanting to be heroes, protectors of (weaker) women and children, which is what POP culture teaches them to be. Women in consciousness-raising groups learned to “de-feminize” themselves, and what greater symbol of that than the burning of the bra, an apparatus that simultaneously bound and highlighted the most obvious part of a woman’s anatomy. Men need to learn from each other the ways in which they have swallowed the messages of POP, the ways in which they perform oppression, aggression, and domination daily.
To know your enemy is half the battle. Men who want to end oppression must come to recognize their own oppressive behaviours.


An Idiot’s Guide to POP Culture 1

I was thinking about writing a bunch of basic information about patriarchy and why it’s killing the earth and everyone on it, but then realized all that information is already out there on sites like everydayfeminism, feministing, Bitch Media, Ms. Magazine and etc., not to mention numerous personal blogs. So I’ve decided instead to write about POP culture — in language I hope everybody can understand.

We live in POP culture, a culture in which People of Power (POP) have created and continue to recreate an environment that benefits them at the cost of deprivation for everyone else. We’ve lived in POP culture for pretty much 5000 years, give or take a few centuries. In this sort of culture, POP names the values which everyone has to adopt, sets rewards and punishments for everyone’s behavior, and assigns everyone a role. The number one value in POP culture is  hierarchy, and everyone’s status is set somewhere in the ladder that stretches from POP down to slave. Hierarchy is important: without it, POP could not exist.

In almost every case of beginning POP culture, males have been the ones to become POP. This is why POP culture is often called patriarchy. Patriarchy comes from the word patriarch, which means father. Unfortunately too many men equate patriarchy smashing with male bashing. I’m not sure why that is, since so few men are patriarchs. On the other hand, everyone understands the problem with the one percent, as we can call the rich and powerful now that we know one percent of the world’s population controls something like 95 per cent of the earth’s resources. Think of POP as the one percent, and forget gender for a bit. It’s possible for a female to be POP.

In all cultures there is a hierarchy of values. People value certain behaviours and characteristics more than others. And there are behaviours and characteristics that people despise. In POP culture, POP has maintained a division of human characteristics. Certain personality qualities are considered “masculine” and others are called “feminine”. The ones that POP calls “masculine” are considered good and important and those it labels “feminine” are considered to be of much lesser value.It’s not hard to find the reason why: “masculine” qualities allow POP to flourish, “feminine” ones would destroy POP.

In step two of this process of culture creation, the so-called “masculine” qualities are required of males. Men and boys are both allowed and required to possess “masculine” qualities. And those qualities the culture considers feminine are downloaded onto females. Women and girls are both allowed and required to be “feminine”.

Notice that there is no direct and necessary relationship between the category “masculine” and actual males, nor between the category “feminine” and females. Nobody knows – nobody has yet been able to determine — what qualities, if any, are correlated with the biochemical soup of males, or of females. But the process of making biological males and females into “masculine” and “feminine” creatures begins at or perhaps even before birth. It stunts men and it stunts women.

But the division of all possible human attributes into two categories, with the subsequent elevation of one category and the demeaning of the other, does much more harm than that. It is the root cause of all wars, murders, rapes, the gangsterism toward which men are prone, the whoredom toward which women are prone, and it will kill the planet.